Mean Judeans

Team manager: Yegal Brownlee

Head coach: Shaariel

Assistant coaches: Yahron, Ben Khai

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Founded in 1998 by the Eternal spirit of our team ( Yehudah Ben Rakameem) and former player, minister Avraham.

After winning the fall (Babe Gillete) tournament. The management decided to begin participating in ISA spring softball league. Led by some of the ISA's big names in Yahron (Ronald Ohara) the super star grandpa, Ben khai the Jet and Shaariel the coach. All members of the Israel 16th Maccabia team who was the first Israel team to win the Gold medal. The team also holds the record for the historical, all time comeback. Top 5th 9-0 defaced to win the 2010 spring championship. .

With 4 championships titles and 10 championships appearances. The Mean Judeans have lost momentum and quest's to develop a succession for the ball club. Although still leaning on the ever young Yahron, we finally have a younger nucleus, led by the all around Tabai and the fast feet of Oshriel Brownlee.