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Mission & Visions

Our Vision

Creating a positive softball experience for all participants in the sport from youth to adults.

To draw closer all Israeli societies through the Softball Game, creating new friendships and
connections as we believe Sports is a powerful tool to bring people together.

Providing opportunities for people to stay active and competitive through all stages of life.

Developing a passion for sports and establishing a Softball culture of teamworkleadership, self-confidence, and communication by teaching the game in Israel.

Main Mission

Exposing Softball to a higher quantity of children, youth getting them involved in competitive and recreational Softball

Growing the number of players in all categories of age.

Improving Israel Softball’s achievements at the international stage 

Forming a well-organized action to achieve high level, permanent, and continuous international success, which includes winning medals

 Increasing the amount of Softball facilities

Secondary Mission

Strengthening our Softball clubs professionally and in their managerial and budgetary aspects.

Establishing training centers for improved quality of training.

To stimulate coaches for higher execution and better success.