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Mission & Vision


As the ISA develops and promotes Softball among all groups in Israel, we have several Visions and Missions we are committed to achieving:



  • Creating a positive softball experience for all participants in the sport from youth to adults
  • To draw closer all Israeli societies through the Softball Game, creating new friendships and connections as we believe Sports is a powerful tool to bring people together
  • Providing opportunities for people to stay active and competitive through all stages of life
  • Developing a passion for sports and establishing a Softball culture of teamworkleadership, self-confidence, and communication by teaching the game in Israel



Main Missions

  • Exposing Softball to a higher quantity of children, youth getting them involved in competitive and recreational Softball
  • Growing the number of players in all categories of age.
  • Improving Israel Softball’s achievements at the international stage 
  • Forming a well-organized action to achieve high level, permanent, and continuous international success, which includes winning medals
  •  Increasing the amount of Softball facilities


Secondary Missions

  • Strengthening our Softball clubs professionally and in their managerial and budgetary aspects
  • Establishing training centers for improved quality of training
  • To stimulate coaches for higher execution and better success