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The Games Of Peace are in the history books

The Israeli team came back from the UAE after playing a slowpitch softball series against the Emirates Softball League all-stars. Baran: “We have created friendships that will hopefully spread beyond Dubai”

For the first time, the Israeli Softball Association sent a representative team to the United Arab Emirates for a unique softball experience between the local Emirates team to a squad of 10 Israeli players for a series of games under the title “Games of Peace”. 

After a weekend of contests in Dubai, The Emirates came on top, sweeping the series, but the scores had a minimal role behind the incredible bonding between the two sides through sports and the game of softball. With that, the ISA would like to thank Tommy and Bobby Fiala and the whole Emirate Softball League for organizing an incredible Softball experience. 

Gabriel Waage, WBSC Europe Co-President/SE President and Softball Europe First Vice President Youri Alkalay, joined the trip as representatives of Softball Europe and, in addition, were influential players on the field for the Israeli squad. The Israel Softball Association opened the door for further more partnerships between Softball Europe and the Emirates Softball League. 

“It was an honor to play softball in Dubai and with that having our sport be part of a larger goal”, Said ISA Professional Director Ami Baran. “We have created friendships that will hopefully spread beyond Dubai, and with our European friends from Softball Europe create a unity that will be the legacy of the Games of Peace”.

“The results of the games are not important. Much more important is the possibility to find a common language between nations, which are in an unstable situation. I am more than happy this event has shown how sport can be the tool to make it”, Added Waage after the eventful weekend. “I am proud that Softball Europe will be a part of this and will assist in making this future partnership a productive one”.